Parking Sensor Installation

We come to you - all parking sensor installations are done at your home or workplace

We offer professional installation services for all parking sensor products either purchased from us or that you already own

What are parking sensors?

Parking sensors are mounted on the bumpers of a vehicle and can assist in detecting objects in front and behind the vehicle.

How do parking sensors work?

Parking sensors, or proximity sensors, work by emitting a high frequency sound wave which hits and object and is reflected back to the vehicle.

What are the reasons for installing parking sensors?

Parking sensors will increase safety, especially when reversing and will also help avoid costly repair bills.

What are the different types of sensors that can be installed?

There are different options for mounting sensors to your vehicle. There is the standard installation where the sensors are mounted into the plastic bumper bar.  There is also an option for mounting rubberized sensors into a steel bumper bar.

Do I need front and reverse sensors installed?

Having front and rear sensors installed to your vehicle will increase safety hand help you avoid hitting objects that are hard to detect by eye.

Are parking sensors worth it?

Parking sensors are 100% worth fitting to your vehicle.

Can front parking sensors be added to any car?

Yes, front parking sensors can be fitted to 99.9% of cars. There can be a small exception.

Who can install a parking sensor system? 

It is recommended that parking sensors are fitted by a qualified installer.  Please contact us for professional installation.

No installation is too small or too big, and we are always happy to offer advice

Whether installing in a Mercedes Benz passenger car or a semi-trailer truck, we can help. With over 30 years of experience, we can fit just about anything you can think of!

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Having worked in the industry for as long as Rob has, we've seen the technological changes to all vehicles.  With the advent of body control modules and can-bus electrical systems, installations can be a tricky process.

It’s as simple as probing the wrong wire and you can set off an airbag or spike a body control module, which can result in a costly repair bill in the $$$ 000's

When you use a professional to install your product, you get piece of mind knowing that your product is installed correctly.

You also get piece of mind knowing that if something was to go wrong that your vehicle is fully protected and covered, as R.P. Pro Sound is fully insured.

We also offer life-time (as long as you own the vehicle) warranty on all installations.