Rob Percic (Owner)

Ever since I was a young boy I was fascinated with electronics. I would pull apart small transistor radios to see how they work.  In my later teens I entered TAFE to learn more about electronics.  I finished the technician course and entered the workforce as a Field Service Technician (FST).

Whilst working as a FST, I would dabble with installing car audio systems for myself and my friends. I found this type of work to be much more enjoyable and ended up leaving my FST job and start working for United Auto Sound.

I entered the car audio world in October 1988, and haven’t regretted one day.

With changing technology over the years, I have seen the car audio world change and become a car accessory world.

Myself being a geek when it comes to technology, I have seen the car accessory world explode with fascinating products.

I worked in the retail car accessory world from October 1988 to July 2005 where I started my own business R.P. Pro Sound, and have been working my business to present time.

My family and myself made the move out of Melbourne to Casterton, Vic in April 2020 (just as Covid hit) and have settled in the country lifestyle.

R.P. Pro Sound strives to sell quality aftermarket car products and offer a professional installation service to South/West Victoria.

I do everything in my power to make sure I have customer is happy with the service.  No problem is too big or small!